Afraeli LLC is a fashion brand founded in 2008. Our aim is to create outstanding apparel firmly within the principles of design.
Kurt Smith, our creative director and CEO, uses his unique vision to redefine luxury and style for the contemporary client seeking
to compliment their confidence, strength and inherent beauty. With quality and craftsmanship as core values, Afraeli creates exquisite
products that are worthwhile investments. We set a high standard in our industry, as we are truly the signature of style.


All artwork and design are copyright of Afraeli LLC and it’s affiliates. Use of artwork must be expressly granted in writing by Afraeli LLC.
Afraeli, Artspace and A design logos are trademarks of Afraeli LLC.


Where are you located? We are based in New York City
When were you founded? Our company was founded in 2008 by Kurt Smith
Do you design for Women? We have an exclusive couture service for women
Is there a bridal collection? Our couture services covers brides and grooms
Where can purchase your clothes? We are currently developing relationships with online retailers


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We do not share private client information with third parties. Should we offer a service to you, permission will as asked
before sharing contact or other relevant information to affiliates for your enhanced experience of Afraeli LLC.


For more information on our exclusive service feel free to contact us via email by clicking here.